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About Us

Ideana - Designer equestrian jewelry and accessories

live in the Beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. For as long as I remember, I have been talking about starting a small family business.

In 2014, I started Ideana, making leather accessories in our small studio. We normally work on a product design, then we make a few samples, and later we get opinions from our wonderful friends and family. Once the product is perfected, we post them in our online shop.

Everything with the exception of the metal parts are hand made here in our studio. We mainly work on making the products, manage the store and product packaging and delivery :).
As Amazon Associate, we also earn from qualifying purchases of products through our Ideana partner brands.
Thanks a million for visiting our store and please provide me any feedback that you might have in making my store a better and fun place to visit.
Please visit us at our very successful equestrian magazine on Instagram as well (@equestrian_style_magazine).