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Equine Hat

$ 49.99

Equine Hat

If dressing stylish is your favorite thing to do, then you may want to horse around with the Equestrian Chic look for a twist in your classic wardrobe.

There are a few ways to wear the rider trend: classic, sporty, and vintage chic. One of the key pieces to getting your style are riding caps and our creations will go well with the equestrian style you are after.

This is a new cloche equestrian, stylish, and fashion cap and it is to be worn as a fashion statement. It comes with beautiful snaffle horse bit and leather strap surrounding the entire hat.

Note: this is not a helmet.


Medium (57-58cm, 7 1/8-7 1/4)


- Wine
- Camel

Snaffle bit and buckle are offered in two finishes:

- Silver
- Gold

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