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Fedgora Hat B2072 | Ideana
Fedgora Hat B2073 | Ideana
Fedgora Hat B2074 | Ideana
Fedgora Hat B2075 | Ideana
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Fedgora Hat    | Ideana
Fedgora Hat    | Ideana
Fedgora Hat    | Ideana
Fedgora Hat    | Ideana


Fedgora Hat

$ 49.99

Fedgora Hat

If dressing stylish is your favorite thing to do, then you may want to horse around with the Equestrian Chic look for a twist in your classic wardrobe.

From beach, horse shows, and stables this fedora hat is a stylish addition to any outfit. The snaffle horse bit on the band creates a bold EQ look.



  • Fedora style hat
  • Snaffle Bit Pendant


- Black
- White
- Beinge

Snaffle bit and buckle are offered in two finishes:

- Silver
- Gold

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