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Horse Necklace

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Horse Necklace

This beautiful equestrian necklace with it's simple, yet elegant style, looks amazing for an understated everyday look. If you love horses and everything equestrian, this necklace is a must. Our iconic equestrian necklace is a show-stopping accessory.

Inspired by equestrian fashion and style, this luxury minimalist necklace comes with a silver plated pendant attached to a synthetic leather strap.



The bracelet is offered in many faux leather colors:

- Black
- Brown
- Tan
- Gray
- White
- Blue
- Pink

Pendant is offered in one finish:

- Silver plated

Size of Necklace


- 27 inches in length (kindly let us know if you are interested in longer or shorter length)

Pendant Size

- Length 1.50 inches
- Width 0.75 inches