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Equine Gift Set for Women

$ 129.99

Equine Gift Set for Women

The result of four days of meticulous hand work, our iconic and gorgeous Handmade Equestrian Gift Collection Package is a show-stopper. 

The horse bit is a signature classic and we incorporate it in many of our creations. Inspired by equestrian fashion and style, this luxury collection comes with a snaffle horse bit bracelet, an elegant stirrup necklace, and finished with a stirrup key chain. All in the same color of your choice.

We love horses, we love European style of leather accessories, and we love working with our hands. We have tried to put the three passions together to make our line of high fashion designer hand crafted accessories locally in our studio in San Francisco Bay Area.

Two Types of Gift Wrappings are available with your purchases:

1) Gift wrapping with heavy weight paper, tissue paper, and ribbons for addional $2.99 see link below

2) Gift box, cotton insert, paper,ribbon, and wrapping for an additional ($4.95)
see link:

We will make your accessories by hand with the finest quality of leather and your choice of silver or gold finish horse bit and buckle in our studio in the heart of San Francisco Bay Area.



The bracelet is offered in three leather colors:

- Black
- Light Brown
- Dark Brown
- Orange
- Red
- Dark Green
- Gray

Snaffle bit and buckle are offered in two finishes:

- Silver
- Gold

For sizes and other details for each accessory, please visit our shop below to see other colors and accessories:


- We are very proud of our craft and our customers are pleased with our products. You are more than welcome to see our customer reviews in our ETSY store below:

Wholesale, bulk discounts, and custom orders are welcome. Contact us and we can create something special just for you.

Please let us know if you have any other comments. Thanks for visiting our online store!

Flora and Ozi

Handmade Designer Leather Accessories